Less Than FIVE Weeks Away!

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Less Than FIVE Weeks Away!

Dear All SwimaTun Swimmers and Donors,

There are only around 10 swim slots left so now would be a great time to register for the event if you have not done so yet.  See attached reg form.
If you don’t want to swim you can still just donate and still attend the event.  Have your friends donate under your name as soon as you sign up.
To donate and register for May 1, PLEASE click HERE.HERE
For more general information on SwimATun for Lupus, please visit www.swimatun.org.
For March Madness Contest we have the following swimmers in the lead for the $100 gift card to The Swim Guy:
Number one: Ray Camacho $600.00
Number Two: Dawn Kelly $555.00.
Event day is getting close!
Swimmingly yours,
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