May: Lupus Awareness Month

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Dear All SwimaTun Swimmers, Donors, and Sponsors,

It has been one week since the successful SwimaTun For Lupus 2016 and I wanted to make sure to thank you for those of you that donated, sponsored, volunteered, and/or swam this event!  SwimaTun would not be what it is without you.  It takes a constant active awareness and proactive fundraising effort to make a charity successful.
So far to date, we have a little over $15,000.00 total raised and our goal is $20,000.00.  May is also Lupus Awareness Month.  So let us keep doing our post-fundraising efforts to help come closer to and hit the goal.  Continue to spread the awareness especially for this lupus month.
All funds go to research to find a cure.
To donate, PLEASE click HERE.
Cheers to a wonderful 2016 SwimaTun year!
Swimmingly yours,
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