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Of all the years I’ve been in the customer service industry, gyms, restaurants, etc, I’ve never in my life have had as great of a customer experience than from one of my new sponsors for SwimaTun, Robbins Brothers in Torrance, a high-end jewelry place.  Adam Solomine, the head manager over there, kept his promises from the very beginning to end, and what do you know- he delivered!  He responded to every one of my emails and was very personable in person.  He was genuinely interested in SwimaTun and what it stands for.  And genuinity and sincerity in this world, as you know, is very hard to find.
He officially gave SwimaTun today a ring worth $995 value for the raffle.  After chatting with me for a while, he even walked me out to my car!
Rarely will you ever see this deep level of customer care in this world anymore.
I’m asking you to get your jewelry from Robbins Brothers.  They deliver impeccable service and truly care about your needs.
This is definitely a keeper.
Thank you, Robbins Brothers, for giving new inspiration for SwimaTun to keep braving those waters.  An example we can all emulate after!  Thank you, Adam!


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