About the Founder


About SwimaTun

SwimaTun for Lupus emerged out my personal battle with Lupus and my desire to beat it..  SwimaTun raises awareness about Lupus and eradicates misconceptions surrounding the disease. Through its emphasis on fitness and nutrition, SwimaTun inspires healthy living as a means to wellness.

Natalie Tun, Founder

Natalie was born in Los Angeles and has been swimming since age 12.  She has been a member of several Masters Swim Clubs including El Segundo, Davis Aquatic Masters, and Hawthorne.  When she is not at the pool she can be found Personal Training at Fitness 19.  Aside from swimming, she loves to hike and go out with her friends at night .  She is committed to winning the battle against Lupus for herself and for everyone else.

Currently, Natalie swims for SOBA-South Bay Swim MAsters at the Hawthorne Pool for Kathy Gore’s Group.